Report of the Felicitation Function to Mr. Walter J. Maben

Report of the Felicitation Function to Mr. Walter J. Maben

Written by BEM School

November 20, 2015

A function to felicitate Mr. Walter J. Maben, the previous President of the South Kanara Educational & Cultural Society (Management of BEM Educational Institutions, Mangalore) was held on 20-11-2015 at 12:30 p.m. in Centenary Hall, B.E.M. High School. It was attended by about 100 persons from the Staff and Old Students. The formal function started after lunch arranged for the occasion.

Mrs. Sandhya Bhat, Teacher from the High School, was the M.C. of this function. The Chief Guest and the VIPs (Office Bearers of the Society and of Old Students’ Association and Heads of the three Sections of the Schools) were escorted to the dais. Mr Roshan Kumar, Principal of B.E.M. Aided P.U. College welcomed the Former President Mr. Walter J. Maben, the New President Mr. JayaPrakash Simons, the Vice President Mrs. Daisy Aimen, and all others who had gathered for the function. The Treasurer of the Society, Mr. Alwyn Manohar Ananda, introduced to the audience, the newly elected President of the Society, Mr. JayaParakash Simons. All the sections of the Institutions welcomed the new President by offering bouquets. The newly elected Vice President, Mrs. Daisy Aimen too was welcomed similarly.

Next, the main item of the day followed. Former President Mr. Walter J. Maben was escorted to the Special Seat of Honour. He was respectfully honoured with Shawl, garland, Bowl of fruits, Memento etc separately by the representatives of the Management, P.U.College Section, High School Section, Higher Primary Section, Kindergarten Section and B.E.M. High School Old Students Association and also by Janab Shafiuddin on behalf of his family. Representatives of each section spoke lauding the efforts of the dynamic, energetic Former President Mr. Walter J. Maben. On behalf of the Management, the Secretary/Correspondent Mr. Rohan Shiri and Member of Management (former Correspondent) Mr. Alwyn Colaco spoke about his journey and experiences shared with Mr. Walter J. Maben. The centre of attraction of the day, Mr. Walter J. Maben then addressed the gathering with his sweet memories spent in this Esteemed Institution. He blessed all and prayed that the Almighty shower his grace on this Institution so that it grows up to greater heights of success.

Mr. Jaya Prakash Simons addressed the gathering by thanking all for the welcome afforded to him. He put forth his vision of this Institution in the coming future with a Grand Inaugural of a Hi-tech Building with all modern infrastructure with an estimated cost of Rs. 11 Crores. His dream was a new Building Block designed with German technology, smart classes with all the staff being upgraded with latest knowledge reaching the student level and attracting a huge number of students.

The function concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Head Master of B.E.M. High School, Mr. K.C. Shankar.

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