Parent Teachers Association 2016-17

Parent Teachers Association 2016-17

Written by BEM School

September 1, 2016

Parent Teachers Association general body meeting of B.E.M. Aided P.U. College, Mangaluru was held on 31-08-2016 at Centenary Hall.

Principal Mr. Roshan Kumar, delivered introductory speech followed by welcoming the guests.

The inaugurator Mr. Uday Kumar, Lecturer in Kannada, Jain P.U. College, Moodabidri, emphasized that “Parents play a major role in inculcating values in their children. Human Values, Social values and cultural values are very essential for a sound character and personality”.

Mr. Vijaya Kumar member of B.E.M. Old Students Association honoured our distinction holders Rakshith Shetty (II Commerce), Rajalaxmi V. (II Arts) and addressed the gathering.

The Parent Teachers Association also honoured the distinction holders Rakshith Shetty (II Commerce), Rajalaxmi V. (II Arts) , Varalakshmi Shet (II Arts).

The President of Parent Teachers Association and Correspondent of our Institutions Mr. Rohan M. Shiri briefed the house about the Parent-Teacher-Student interaction, which is the need of the day, to bring out the positive attitude in a student. Mr. Shankar K.C. Head Master of High School and Janab A.M. Rafiuddin Secretary of B.E.M. Old Students Association were also present.

The Treasurer, Mr. Alwyn Ananda stressed that “ It is the responsibility of the Teachers and Parents to inculcate good values in their children”.

Mrs. Swapna Manish, Lecturer in Political Science read out the annual report, the income and expenditure statement of the year 2015-16.

Mrs. Bindu Ramachandra, Lecturer in Sociology conducted the election for the Parent Teachers Association 2016-17. Mrs. Sadana, Lecturer in Economics briefed on the rules and regulation and code of conduct to be followed by the students and also stressed the Parents rule about guiding their ward.

The PTA meets parent attendance register was maintained at the reception counter by Mrs. Aparna Praveenchandra, Mrs. Lijin and Miss. Sherin.

The Programme began by invoking God’s blessings. Mr. Aithappa, Lecturer in History was the Master of the Ceremony. Mr. Vasudeva Naik, Lecturer in Hindi proposed vote of thanks.

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