As early as on September 26 in the year 1815, Basel Mission was founded by a small group of devout men who met at Basel City, Switzerland. They committed themselves to work among the down trodden and the marginalised. This Mission was named after this great blessed Basel City. Its vision was focused on the development of human society and human culture, especially on the side of socio-economy including ethics.

The Basel Mission came into being as a result of a pledge taken by few dedicated men at Basel in the face of a military threat. It was in the year 1815 that Napoleon had escaped from the prison at the Island of Elba and landed in France. The War continued in Europe. The City of Basel was very close to the borders of Germany and France. The French General Barbanege threatened to blow up Basel. A group of pious men pledged to start training of Missionaries, if God would spare their city. The Tartars and Calmucs marched through Basel to invade France with the Russian Army, made these people feel even more convinced regarding their pledge. The French General capitulated and Napoleon met his doom at Waterloo. In the same year, on 26th of September 1815, six piousmen, gathered in the Rectory of St. Martin in Basel and constituted the Missionary Society of Basel, fulfilling the pledge.