In 1833 Basel Mission relinquished its control over all the Basel Mission Churches in these three ecclesiastical district units and came to be constituted on 17.10.1933 as the autonomous body of United Basel Mission Church in India, each of the three district units being independent entity vested with control of the affairs of the Churches by the Church Elders, District Church Council and District Church Board, within its limits under the revised constitution and Church Rules with effect from 17.10.1933. Each of these district units became autonomous, independent of all control by Basel Mission, Switzerland. Representatives of these district units constituted a Committee known as Synod in order to keep these three district Units united. Its functions, restricted to only within the district church units, are:

a) To hear the reports of Church and Mission work of each district.

b) To suggest such measures of uniformity as may be necessary for the mission and church work in the three districts.

c)To give suggestions on problems pertaining to

1) The spiritual life and work of the different churches of the district units.

2) The common evangelist activities of the Church and Mission of the district units

3) The Church union (Within the district unit)

4) The administration of the Church properties and funds etc;

d)To decide finally all questions of faith and order in the United Basel Mission Church of India, provided that all such decisions are arrived at by a majority of three fourth its total strength.