In 1874, the Mechanical Workshop was founded to train apprentices in jobs like carpentry, black smithy, lock smithy and watch making. The apprentices were given theoretical and practical training followed by the certification by the British Government examinations in these Trades. This provided technical training and produced many skilled artisans. The product of this workshop was also very much appreciated and the proof for this in the order issued in 1912 where the Government of Madras declared the Basel Mission Mechanical Establishment as eligible for supplying safes for Government Institutions. It is also recorded that its products won awards at various industrial exhibitions. Though all these efforts started in a small way, by 1914 it had become a major enterprise in South Kanara. Though the Basel Mission Industrial Enterprises were often criticized by the British, they inspired may other Missionary Societies to start work on similar lines. In 1914 at the outbreak of the First World War, the Industrial Establishment of Basel Mission was confiscated by the British Government to be a German Organization. This created a setback for the Basel Mission’s work in India. After the war the Industries were managed under the Commonwealth Trust. Definite economic benefit was achieved through these numerous industries for the Society in particular and India in general. However, many had to leave the district especially the carpenters and black smiths because of lack of openings in South Kanara. Since 1879, most of them migrated to Bombay (Mumbai).