In 1844 the Missionaries who knew a little about weaving business took initiative and started a weaving industry to give employment. Local weavers were also employed to train young boys. But soon they found that the local looms could not compete with the Western Mills. In 1851, Mr. Haller, a weaver from Basel was sent to Mangalore. Basel Mission management erected a building to house a medium scale industry in Mangalore with 21 handlooms of European construction and a Research and Dye house. Mr. Haller was the inventor of the colour “Khakhi” and Khakhi Cloth now known all over the world and was first produced in Mangalore. Soon the weaving industry proved to be very successful, providing more employment and motivated many a cottage industry. In the year 1853, a branch was opened in Mulki. The apprentices in this industry were also taught tailoring and embroidery. By 1870 the Basel Mission ‘weaving and hosiery’ Establishments in various places were not only paying for the cost of the Establishments but was also lucrative.