Industrial enterprises, the visit of an inspector from Basel proved to be very valuable and resulted in introducing a new policy to guide the Industrial enterprise in South Kanara. Though the Industrial Commission was formed in 1846, it did not get involved in much business. But the new outlook and stress for greater involvement gave a boost to the Commission. In the year 1852, the Commission was made a department of the Basel Missionary Society with a separate treasury. One of the most eminent Citizens of Basel, Mr. Carl Sarasin was the President of the same. The Commission felt that ‘top-management technique’ to manage all the existing Industries be implemented. In the year 1854 the Industrial Commission at Basel sent Mr. Pfleiderer to India for this purpose. He was responsible for the purchasing of the raw materials and the sale of the finished products. This was the beginning of the commercial enterprise of the Mission, which aimed not at financial profit but teaching as to how to conduct business on Christian Principles.

As work of the industrial and commercial activities required larger capital, a joint stock company was formed under the name Mission-Handels-Gesellschaft (Mission Trading Company). The new policy gave birth to major Industries and the first was a Tile Manufacturing Factory. The Tile industry progressed so well and in 1877 the second factory was opened and the third one in 1880. These factories employed both men and women. The reports show that by 1913, the tile factories were employing 2,000 workers and were producing 60,000 Tiles a day.