In the year1846, the Basel Mission started an ‘Industrial school’ to train people in Weaving, Carpentry, Clock making, Black smithy, Printing Technology etc, with the help of some local artisans. Since Basel Mission could not fulfill the expectations of the Missionaries, an Industrial Commission was appointed to look at the various Industrial opportunities. In 1848, two lay-Missionaries, Bosinger and Muller, were sent from Basel to India (South Kanara) to teach some new trades. These Missionaries were by profession a carpenter and a locksmith. They were well trained in watch and clock making in Swiss watch Company before they were sent to India. They set a watch and clock manufacturing industry in Mangalore and handed over the same to the local people. The first important Industrial undertaking which met with success was the Printing Press with Book Binding Department attached to it. The Printing Press was started in 1841 at Mangalore. First lithograph and later Kannada types were introduced. In 1851, a printer from Basel came with Kannada fonts/types for the press at Mangalore. The press thus provided employment to numerous people. Besides Spiritual literatures, books related to social sciences, arts and literature were also published at the press. A few well known works which came out of this press were weekly and monthly news papers/magazine, Kittel’s Kannada-English Dictionary, Ziegler’s English-Kannada Dictionary, Hermann Gundert Malayalam – English, English-Malayalam, English-Tulu dictionaries, Kannada Bible, Hymn-books in Kannada, Tulu and Malayalam in addition a supportive Tune Book with music scrolls. Since the Press was expanding, a large new building was built in 1913 giving regular employment to the people. A binding section attached to the press provided employment to many more. A separate book shop was opened in 1869, to sell the publications of the Press.

Locksmith technology was taught to the locals who were absorbed by rich entrepreneurs in Bombay and established independent larger scale industries manufacturing locks and safes.